The Georgian Rural Development Fund (GRDF) was established (15 Nov. 2003) by four Georgian Agricultural Credit Cooperatives located in Gori, Tsnori, Telavi and Zestafoni, and is managed from its head office in Tbilisi.  GRDF’s founding cooperatives began servicing agricultural borrowers in 1996 in cooperation with USAID, USDA, and Save Children funded ACDI/VOCA. GRDF is registered as a non-profit foundation.
From the day of establishment (15.11.2003) until November 16, 2007 GRDF represented a microfinance organization that had 2 main statute aims:
1.    Furnishing micro loans mostly for farmers of people connected with agriculture;
2.    Providing farmers and MSE’s with technical support.
In November 2007 based on requisitions of Georgian low “about Microfinance Organizations” GRDF founded JSC MFO “FinAgro”, (GRDF owns 100 % of its shares) and assigned the whole microfinance component to it.
Today, the main activities of GRDF are to provide technical (practical – such as helping in writing business plans and theoretical – trainings consultations…) help to farmers and MSE’s.

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